Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cruella De Vil

How could you not be endeared to a face like that? I'm always tickled to see Cruella De Vil make an appearance. After a short, but fun visit, I noticed a crowd outside the Disneyland fire department. The band was playing and Cruella De Vil was helping... or interrupting, not positive which. I had to stop and watch and take a few photos. She blends fun and snarkiness perfectly for the surrounding kids. They don't know quite what to make of her and therefore, are not afraid. At least when I'm around, I'm sure she's unintentionally made a kid cry at some point.


  1. I like a lot to meet characters, but I prefer the ones with the outfit on -Mickey, Donald, Pooh... Don't know why, but it somehow bothers me that the princesses and the princes don't look like the cartoons... ha. Never met Cruella, though. And she looks spooky!! :D

  2. She's definitely got some spooky make-up. She's got attitude too. I like to see the Disney princesses, I've never seen a prince on any of my park visits though, darnit!

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  4. Of course Cruella will be found hanging out near the fire station. Dalmatians ride the firetrucks!