Thursday, April 22, 2010

World of Color

A big new feature is coming to California Adventure.  In an effort to get more folks over to the less popular park, they are building a new water fountain spectacular.  I quote: "Designed by Walt Disney Creative Entertainment, this show is planned to have 1200 fountain nozzles with 1200 individually controlled underwater LEDs, one for each nozzle, and is scheduled to include lasers, lights, and fire with a water spray backdrop screen."  It opens on June 10, not sure if I'll be in line that day, but I'll definitely check it out this summer.  I'll be posting more of the preview photos soon.


  1. I have been to Disneyland about five times in the past three years and I havent been to California Adventure yet... and once I stayed for a week! I was curious to see the Pixar stuff, but I guess not curious enough.

  2. It's okay over there, but I only pop over once in a while because I have the pass. There are some fun attractions, but you're not missing much. :)