Monday, April 19, 2010

Dole Whip Float

I think I've mentioned the delightful Dole Whip Float before.  It is one of my most favorite things about Disneyland, and if it were not for distance, I would be popping into the park just for one of these.  To me, they are that good.  You can buy your very own in only one place in the park.  Right outside the Enchanted Tiki Room in Adventureland, there is a little hut cranking out hundreds of these a day.  There is always a line, and especially so on a long day.  Sometimes you can enter the waiting area for the Enchanted Tiki Room and get faster service from the other side of the hut, but not always.

You can get pineapple spears, pineapple juice, a Dole Whip - pinapple soft serve, or the amazing Dole Whip Float - pineapple soft serve over pineapple juice.  It is entirely perfect on a warm day at the park.


  1. Definitely one of my fave treats at the park - thanks for starting the craving with your photo!

  2. When I scheduled this post, I seriously considered making the drive for one. :)

  3. Yeayyy!!! You are back!
    I love the Tikitiki snaks! (I also love the "private" bathrooms there, not on the official map. hehe).

  4. I do love the single stall bathrooms there, I recently saw those bathrooms "outed" in a magazine (can't remember which one). Hopefully no one remembers. :D