Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cruella De Vil

Cruella Deville

Trust me, this is a much better song to have stuck in your head than "it's a small world."

We all know her. The villain from 101 Dalmations who wants to turn the pretty spotted skin into a luxurious coat. The horror! How does one play a villain like this at the happiest place on Earth? Let me tell you how. Like the actress in the above picture.

She has the character down. She's mean but in more of teasing, biting way instead of make your children cry why. For example, as I took this photo, two teenagers had just said, "Hey Cruella." She replied with a snarling, "What do you want?" and waved her fake cigarette.

Not a bad gig. Though those shoes don't look super comfy.


  1. The people who play her are some of the best at all of the parks!

  2. Character blog - they must be very selective in the audtions!

    Tom - she is scary. And funny at the same time. :D