Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tarzan's Treehouse

Disneyland 8

Yeah, it used to be the Swiss Family Treehouse. But then the Tarzan movie came along, and in 1999 Disney re-themed it to coincide with the movie release. The big artificial tree got a giant makeover from the Imagineers. They replaced over 6,000 vinyl leaves and added a new suspension bridge. 6,000!!

It try to take a walk through every other visit or so. The details (as ever, forget about "God is in the details, it's "Disney is in the details) are just lovely. I find something new to check out in the base camp area every time.


  1. I think I liked it better as the Swiss family treehouse. Perhaps the treehouse revamp's as such was a good idea, but I hate seeing Disney characters in it now. They sit where I would want to sit, they stand where I would want to stand.

    Having them there prevents me from seeing myself living in that treehouse, which is precisely why I loved it before.

  2. I've only seen it as the Swiss family treehouse back at Disney World so many years ago I don't quite remember. There's been a rumor of them changing it back...let's hope they do!

  3. And thank you very much for stopping by!