Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Disneyland_7.20 3

I know, you're scratching your heads. Last time I checked, Indiana Jones wasn't Disney branded either. However, since Lucasfilm's success with Indiana Jone's Epic Stunt Spectacular! at Florida's Disney Hollywood Studios, they thought a ride would be a brilliant idea. And it is. It's a fast paced, spine jolting, yelp inducing, whopping good time of a ride.

It should be too. It took 400 imagineers to design and create this attraction. Every bit from the queue to the temple itself was planned to the tiniest detail. Which is good, because unless you are quick enough to grab a Fast Pass for this ride, you will spend a considerable amount of time in the queue before your quest for the Jewel of Power.

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  1. I remember when this attraction first opened; loved it then, still love it now. The queue, although long, is very entertaining...ALMOST makes it worth the wait!

  2. Almost!! When I went this last Saturday, the wait was only 10 minutes all day. I couldn't believe it!

  3. This is an awesome ride. I waited about an hour when I went. Was so worth it!!!