Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Disneyland Belle

One day as we exited the park, I noticed several Disney princesses offering pictures, hugs, and autographs. I yippee'd like the five year old I am and tried to snap photos in between the kids going up.

This dress of Belle's from Beauty & the Beast is one of my favorite Disney princess costumes. The beautiful yellow, the elaborate details. I wonder how much the costume weighs. Anyone know a costumer at Disneyland that could maybe let me borrow this outfit? This cast member (they are not employees) certainly remained cheery so I would think it can't be terribly heavy. Or she's a great actress. It's really fun to see the characters interact with the children. Especially the villains.


  1. Amy, where have I been for five days? I'm here, I'm here! I love all this stuff. And I'll bet you she's a very good actress.

    The "cast members" at the park, down to the people who sweep up the trash, are all friendly and sweet, in my experience.

  2. She was charming!

    You know, you're right - everyone I've interacted with at Disneyland has been nothing but nice and really friendly. Some of them outstandingly (is that a word?) so. Which I admire because think of the hundreds and hundreds of people they deal with each day.