Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the treehouse

Disneyland_7.20 4

Because I like to hop all about Adventureland, here is another photo from the top of Tarzan's treehouse. I really want to spend more time up there, but alas, I get easily frustrated by all the bouncing children. When will Disneyland have an adults only day? Or actually, I'd even take a no strollers day.

Right. Back to the post. This is after Tarzan's tree has been trashed. This particular image always makes me a little sniffly. Yes, I am that sappy.


  1. Amen to no strollers...or instead, parents who are more thoughtful about the way they haul those double-wide monstrosities around! I do still love going up in the Treehouse, but it can be difficult to enjoy it with the narrow pathways. Always best to hit it early in the day.

  2. Just one day - Disney I'm sure would get a lot of grumbly people, but also a lot of happy ones!

    I think I've even seen a triple stroller there! And invitably, the people with the biggest strollers are the least considerate. I got a bruised shin once to prove it. ;)

  3. As an employee of Disney World, I would probably jump with joy at just one day with no strollers.