Monday, December 21, 2009

Soft lights

Disneyland Nov. 2009

Just a few more days of Christmas decorations, I promise. I'll only post until Christmas Day, not until when Disneyland takes them down.

This wreath and light are tucked over by Fantasyland. I sat by this wreath while contemplating the very long line for It's a Small World. I decided to pass on the ride and get hot chocolate instead.


  1. Hot chocolate was the wise choice.

    I'm enjoying the Christmas decorations and I love that they're imaginative. But I admit I prefer the traditional. I'm not a traditional thinker but I'm traditional in my design choices. I like the Flaubert quote: "Be regular and orderly in your that you may be violent and original in your work."

  2. It definitely was. I know they change from singing it's a small world to jingle bells, but an hour line? Not always for me.

    I like that quote!

    I'm pretty traditional and sparse with my Christmas decorations. I decorated our tree with fall colors and garlands of fake fall leaves this year and just put up one wreath. I think I did talk Tim into making some of the lovely fake snow caps for next year though.

  3. Yeah, we didn't even do lights this time. Just a wreath. For some reason, this year it's all I wanted. I'm being quiet about Christmas this year. After the kind of year it's been--for the economy, for the San Gabriel mountains, for the troops--I just don't feel like being noisy.