Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tarzan's Treehouse base camp

Disneyland 34

This little lantern is found at the base camp at the bottom of Tarzan's treehouse. Even if you don't feel like climbing up the steps and walking around the treehouse, check out this area at the bottom. And this tip goes for everything at Disneyland, look closely. You'll find something new in the details every time.

Adventureland is my favorite part of the park at night time. With the presence of actual trees and just the right amount of lighting, it feels somehow disconnected from the rest of the park. It's a little dimmer than other lands. It feels like you're in your own tiny world. With a few hundred of your closest friends.


  1. I've spent very little time in the park at night. I like it, though.

  2. It's lovely. The crowds thin out a little after the fireworks, you can grab a hot chocolate and meander or run around and ride a bunch of things that usually have long lines. Super Bowl Sunday - we'll stay after dark!