Monday, November 23, 2009

Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle

Disneyland Nov. 2009

Saturday night I got to see the Christmas lights of Disneyland at night for the first time. We were over in Tomorrowland when it got fully dark. We started the walk over to Critter Country to get some chocolate covered pretzels at Pooh's Corner, and I caught a glimpse of one of the castle turrets. This is cheesy, but it took my breath away. It was magical. Yep, I said it. The dancing blue lights are breathtaking. The castle is transformed with LEDs and lots of artifical snow and icicles. We paused beside the moat and enjoyed the reflection of the lights in the water.

You can make magic happen at your house too. Do you have room for 80,000 LED lights? And big pockets for the accompanying electric bill.


  1. It sooooo appeals to the little girl in me.

  2. Really enjoy your images... Some day I want to go to the Park and just walk around taking pictures. I don't have the time when I go with the family.

  3. Petrea - I totally squealed like a five year old. It is just stinking charming!

    Cyberdillo - thanks for stopping by. I'm lucky to get to go and have more laidback visits. When we have out of town guests we zip around the park and love it, but it's also fun just to visit with the intent of photos, eating good food, and riding a handful of things. :D