Friday, November 20, 2009

Disneyland Christmas

Disneyland Christmas 08 11

Christmas in New Orleans Square

Even if you are in a bah humbug mood and get annoyed with anyone or any company putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, do a Google search for Disneyland Christmas. As you might guess, they do it up right and proper. The decorations went up November 13 and will be up January 4. I hope to be visiting this weekend! I will be sharing lots of my favorite Disneyland Christmas photos over the next weeks.

New Orleans Square has my favorite decorations. Every balcony and store window and lamp post are dripping with glass ornaments, feathers, and lights. I wandered around taking tons of photos, my goal this year is to get more photos at night!


  1. Oh yay! As J. says, I shall "live vivaciously through you."

  2. Haha, well I will gladly oblige.

  3. Gorgeous, Amy! There's an exuberance about those abundant decorations, and I love the balcony and shutters, too!

  4. Shell - they are definitely abundant! Decorating as only Disney can. New Orleans Square is saturated in Christmas decorations - yet it's all lovely instead of tacky. :D