Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walk through Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Disneyland_May 09 9

And they called her Aurora

I always thought it was incredibly unfair that one couldn't actually get inside Sleeping Beauty's castle. I just knew that behind the cast door there were secret passageways and elegant rooms. I doubt that is the case, but maybe! They did at least open some of the castle indoors. Or re-open. From 1957-2001, a walk-through was open. Appropriately, it tells Sleeping Beauty's story with storybook pages, dioramas, and holograms. The walk-through that is now open closely resembles the version that was there from 1957-1970s. It has a wonderful retro feel and reminds of a Sleeping Beauty picture book that I've had since I was in elementary school. It is definitely worth taking 10 minutes of your Disney day to check out.

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