Monday, October 26, 2009

Jack takes over the Haunted Mansion

Disneyland Haunted Mansion 1

It's my favorite time of year at Disneyland for a number of reasons. The Haunted Mansion makeover is definitely one of them. I'm a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan, so I try to get on as many times as I can. Though the rest of the Halloween decorations come down October 31st, this hybrid stays up throughout the holidays. The lines are longer than normal for the holiday version, so grabbing a Fast Pass is a necessity. However, it's not a bad line to be stuck in - especially at night. The pumpkin patch in the back of the mansion is particularly cool. Everything has a little Skellington touch. Even the popcorn stand closest to the mansion. Keep your nose out for the smell of gingerbread when hovering over the dance hall!

Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, I've heard there's a secret pet cemetery about. Supposedly you can just ask a cast member to show it to you, but that seems too easy. Has anyone viewed these hidden resting grounds?

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